"Two new" party construction for the lighting industry into the "red power""

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1, "party building + industrial tourism", heritage lighting culture
As the town of "two new" organization model of Party building, Huayi Lighting Co. branch to create education base in Zhongshan city "two new" organization members, this year was named "non-public economic organizations in Guangdong province advanced party organization", "party" has become "production" financial model.
"Last year, Huayi group okes established party branch, this year's goal is to Huayi Plaza also set up a party branch, prepare for the establishment of general branch of Huayi group of the party, to become the city of Zhongshan and even the outstanding Party member education base in Guangdong province." Wu Yancheng says. In order to make the education base members can play the role of education and guidance, Huayi lighting also proposed Party + industrial tourism "concept, the future will be in the Huayi square, Huayi factory tour route design, can understand the lamp R & D, production and assembly process.
"Two new" organizational party building has always been an important part of the party construction at the grass-roots level of the ancient town, and has been included in the party secretary project of the town. Combination of Guzhen lighting industry advantage, the town Party committee put forward the construction of the party, production, learning and research, one of the five pin "combination of" two new "building new mode, formed by" two new "Party organizations as the center, Star Alliance Business Center, building innovation platform, Guzhen Lighting lighting and Lighting Plaza, Huayi 4 party key base as a platform, the village (neighborhood) joint party branch, industry chamber of Commerce Party branch as a branch of the town 181 two new party for radiation network end point, in order to achieve the" two new "organization party to lead the development of enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of the goal of the lighting industry.
The train runs fast, all by the seat belt. According to statistics, at present, there are 181 Party organizations with two new organizations in the ancient town, including 166 Party organizations in non-public enterprises, 15 Party organizations and 600 party members, covering 447 enterprises. With the large number of Party organizations and large party members, how to manage party members, consolidate party members' strength and play the leading role of the party organizations of "two new" organizations has become a key issue to be solved. In January 18, 2016, the old town "two new" organization Party committee was formally established, the ancient town has become the first city to set up the "two new" organization Party committee of the town.
In these 181 "two new" organization Party organizations, engaged in lighting manufacturing or lighting industry related non-public enterprises and social organizations have 145, accounting for 80.1%. If the "two new" organization Party committee is locomotive, lighting enterprises, Party organizations are passengers, lighting stores established by the "two new" organizational Party organizations, is a passenger laden carriage.
Starlight alliance is the largest and the highest positioned lighting sales store in ancient town. In May 2016, the general branch of the League of stars was established to realize the integration of "party" and "selling", which is also the first party branch of the lighting trade center in the city. The party's general branch encourages the subordinate party branches to establish a good faith demonstration unit and join the "two new" mutual benefit merchants". At present, there are more than 20 enterprises promise not to empty prices, not sell defective products, guarantee quality after-sales service, etc., 5 party lighting enterprises to become "good faith mutually beneficial merchants."".
2, the establishment of lighting building R & D Center Party branch
Science and technology is the primary productive force. The ancient town wants to realize "the capital of Chinese lighting" and move towards "world lighting capital", and its innovation is based on technological innovation. Lighting building as the center of the town's R & D technology, building party building strength, but also conducive to the realization of the party organization in the research and development of the political lead.
According to statistics, lighting building has been stationed in the service platform, associations, enterprises have 41, has set up 4 Party branches, Party branches did not set up, but there are 12 Party members, 22 party members, 23 mobile party members. In July 2015, the establishment of the first building lighting town "two new" organization party service station, as the conditions are ripe for the "two new" organization established party organization, to attract more mobile members, party activists to move closer to the party and eventually set up general branch lighting R & D Center Party building.
Lighting building to the Productivity Promotion Center, the ancient town chamber of Commerce, Party branches and other grass-roots party organizations as the base, with the backbone of Party members to promote technological transformation and design, research and development, and promote the "party" research "integration.". Qu Decheng, Secretary of the Party branch of the ancient town chamber of Commerce, said: "the establishment of Party branches means the service of all member units.". Pay attention to the leading role of Party members, give full play to the professional skills of Party members in financing, product research and development, marketing and so on, and be able to solve the problems more effectively for Guzhen lighting enterprises."
It is learnt that the Party branch encourages the chamber of Commerce and the advantages of enterprises to promote the development of industry standards, standardize product certification and inspection procedures, the establishment of quality management "blacklist" to enhance the "town manufacturing" reputation. At present, the lighting building R & D Center Party branch is also under construction. In addition, the ancient town in Zhongshan China (lighting) and other intellectual property rights center fast core platform to set up a demonstrative hillock, demonstration units, leading to strengthen intellectual property rights protection and law enforcement to the party building, increase the intensity of intellectual property protection for local enterprises to provide patent rights, authorization, rapid retrieval, consultation, foreign-related intellectual property assistance one-stop service platform.
This year, the town is also planning the establishment of Guzhen Lighting college Party branch, to achieve "Fusion Party" and "learning", on the one hand, will be planning for the "education base of two new" organization members, make good use of the teaching resources to offer lectures training classes, special education classes; on the other hand will be transported to the outstanding talents the appropriate positions on the lighting business, not only improve the leading role of Party members in the technical field of lighting, can also strengthen the party

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