Go deep into county market and find the breakthrough point of lighting market

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In March 2017, the 2017 China Lighting (lighting) dealers sponsored by Huayi lighting lighting nationwide survey and selection activities Market Research Group, continue to investigate the counties. We continue to present our readers with the latest market research information.
Anren County
Not yet professional lighting market, lighting merchants around 20
Anren County under the jurisdiction of Chenzhou, under the jurisdiction of 6 towns, 8 townships, located in the southeast of Hunan province. An area of 1462.2 square kilometers, a population of about 443 thousand and 700 people. As the overall level of consumption is lower, European style lamp in the local market space is smaller, home type flat crystal lamp, panel lamp, iron lamp is more popular. All copper, Chinese style and simple style are comparatively popular.
Anren no professional lighting market, lighting merchants around 20, mainly in the form of street shops. The city is the new building materials Home Furnishing xiongsen, Huayi, okes, Yankon have been settled, but not open.
At present is the strength of the local brands are OPPLE, NVC, and three male aurora. When it is understood that the auroral Cuanhuo phenomenon is very serious, leading to price transparency, profits are much lower than other brands, we are not willing to large business auroral products.
The three male Aurora store Ms. Yang said that although the product price transparency, but the store image with its advantages, high-end consumption ability is relatively considerable, so the price will have to go on.
Have the idea of doing brand, but still in wait-and-see
Lixian, under the jurisdiction of Hunan, Changde Province, has 4 subdistrict offices, 14 towns and 16 townships. The county has a population of about 1 million, covering an area of 2107.3 square kilometers. Lixian has only 1 professional building materials market, professional lighting stores around 20, the most influential local businesses are Oriental light supermarket agent OPPLE brand stores, an area of 1000 square meters, operating lamps for more than 10 years, the annual turnover of more than 5 million. Currently, the East lights supermarkets are planning new stores.
Lixian is generally with the two or three line brands, Huayi, Foshan, Hongguang has its own stronghold in Lixian. Among them, the brilliant lighting, the merchant store about 500 square meters, turnover is about 1 million. Brilliant lighting director told reporters that it has not yet found the ideal brand, this year will go to the ancient town to investigate and understand.
Research group learned that many businesses because of after-sale cumbersome and quality problems and distress, need a common growth and progress of its brand. But most businessmen are conservative thinking, although there is the idea of doing brands, but too much worry, but also in a wait-and-see state. Lixian lighting industry can be described as a hundred schools of thought contend, but many businesses rely on large market capacity and lose initiative, lack of innovative thinking. It is estimated that the merchants will soon be swallowed up by the big brands.
The market is very active and still lacks leading brands
Yueyang is the provincial sub central city, under the jurisdiction of 3 districts and 4 counties, covering an area of 15019 square kilometers, with a total population of 5 million 595 thousand and 100. A total of 3 Yueyang local large building materials market, which is actually home, the sun and the bridge, Nanxiang million. At present, the Yueyang market, OPPLE, Huayi and NVC juhao several brand influence in the market greatly, Yueyang dealers in coral is one of the best local dealers, the main business of Huayi and Kui Ho, sales of the year can reach more than 3 million.
Yueyang market has great potential for development, but in general, it still needs to standardize its development. At present, the Yueyang market by the network platform, hydropower company, telemarketing and salesman one occupy most of the market share, the real to the scanty store to buy.
At the same time, the Yueyang market is relatively active, the monthly number of activities are very frequent, store activities, shopping malls alliance activities, activities and so on. Research group fortunately to go to April 1st, Huayi lighting in incredibly home held an order meeting activities, the day full of people. But local consumers are accustomed to the frequency of activities, and those who can really attract consumers are those influential brands.
To sum up, Yueyang market in order to really grow, change, it is inevitable to eliminate some "immature" merchants. And stay "mature" business will become the leader of the Yueyang market, become the benchmark of the industry, to promote the development of the local market.
Guiyang County
Brands are crowded, but only one specialty store
Guiyang county is the county under the jurisdiction of Hunan province. It has 17 towns, 2 townships and 3 streets. A total area of 2973 square kilometers, the population of about 930 thousand people. Is one of the top ten counties in Hunan province. Guiyang has a total of five building materials market, lighting business has about 300, NVC, OPPLE, Huayi, sun, and auroral juhao brands distribution in each big market. Including OPPLE, Huayi, NVC in the local operating in good condition.
According to the survey found that the local market for the sale of bulk cargo, even OPPLE, NVC such big brands, no stores, mainly set up brand area. At present, the exclusive stores in Guiyang market only Hunan International Building materials home market Huayi, its first floor operating doors and windows, wardrobe and bathroom, and the two floor is the Huayi store, divided into two major areas lighting and lighting. Among them, lighting can do 1 million 200 thousand a year, lighting in about 500 thousand.
Guiyang lighting brands gathered, but many businesses, market competition, price competition, customer service service is not in place of businesses will be eliminated, and focus on brand image and customer service service businesses market share will gradually expand, leading the local lighting industry trends.

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